Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

As we go to work on maintaining a positive vocabulary, consider that the opposite of ‘Right’ is not ‘Wrong,’ but LEFT (Lets Encourage Free Thinking). You don't have a right and a wrong side.

Giving only the choice of Right or Wrong sometimes pushes children away and causes insecurity and pressure… because they’re so scared of messing up… because they keep hearing about what “these kids of today” don’t know and can’t do.

I define ‘Wrong’ as somebody else’s opinion of something you did that didn’t benefit them. Everything you’ve done so far has been right, because it was right for you based on the information you had, to make the choice. As you learn better, you do better. Thus… and acronym we're familiar with - LIFE (Lessons Intended For Everyone) – never stop learning.

One thing people should be concentrating on right now is their vocabulary: teach one another to know that when we talk to someone we converse. There’s no such word as “conversate.” And use specific examples, not “pacific” ones. For, misuse of your vocabulary will certainly drown you….

Someone you know needs to know this for interview purposes, networking or on-the-job interaction, and everyday communication. Help someone know that one of their traits is that they are people or business “orienTED” … not “orienTAted!”

Over the next couple of Blogs I’ll pinpoint some of these words which I call “SpeechTalk,” because they are words that we sometimes mispronounce or misuse in everyday conversation. Maybe I should make a button that says, “Correct somebody’s vocabulary today!” hahahahaha

Whatever you do, remember that words are powerful… and consonants make our words. Use yours properly and help someone SHINE.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

Say that with me… [Thy Will Be Done]
That’s wasn’t too hard, was it?
Now try believing it.

I remember being down on my knees muttering those four words
And thinking that after the Kingdom arrived
All God’s plans would be fulfilled
(I remember thinking that)
Now I know it!

And what I know is that the Kingdom has arrived.
And the mysterious ways many have considered a part of God’s handiwork
are nothing more than the countless blessings in his crystal clear plans
that we are just not aware of.

So this new road we take to healing begins
With our latest testimony of appreciation for life.
A testimony that will last at least until we get out this door
and back to cursing drivers who cut us off…
Rolling our eyes at a teenage outfit… or blaming a small tree for a forest fire.
A testimony borne from tragedy that questions “Thy’s” W.I.L.L.
(What Is the Lord’s Lesson?)
How will I get through this one?
When will you lift this burden?
Where will I go from here?
Why me???

And his answer will be, “Are you done yet…”
(You see D.O.N.E. is Delivering my Omnipotent News Everyday)
“... or do you profess faith only in convenient retrospect?
I scheduled this day for you because JOB is no longer available.
I scheduled this day because I love you
And this new level is not made to have you question me…
But to help you understand me
Understand that what I want is for you to love me and live by me everyday.
How? Anger is controllable,
and will only blind you from the blessing I woke you up with today.
When? This pain is temporary,
yet temporary can last a long time.
Where? Loss is necessary and always precedes growth.
Why? Understand that even if you don’t, I’ll always love you.
I’m DONE.”
© 2005 Sporty King

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling