Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

NC Update:
All is well. Things are starting to pick up with my Dept of Defense contract. Contract is through a program called The Yellow Ribbon Program. These are weekend seminars going on across the country every weekend in multiple locations. The weekends are for service members who are returning from being deployed and their families. Part of the goal is to help them reintegrate into civilian life through upgrading their communication skills. Each event is held in a nice hotel and has social time built in, so that they can get a little of a “vacation” feel. YRP’s are mandatory for service members 30, 60 and 90 days after full battalion has returned and can be scheduled. According to which cycle they’re on, they are encouraged to bring family members of all ages. Booths are set up around the hallways so that they can get information about benefits: education, insurance, psychiatric, spiritual, employment…. So far I’ve done sessions on Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Leadership and spoken with the teenagers.

Notice I said ‘service members.’ All branches operate independently. Army members are Soldiers, Air Force Airmen, Navy Sailors, and Marines. I’ve done Army and some Air Force so far. I cannot approach them for more business. I am listed on a site that gives them the option to choose whomever they think would be best for the theme of their weekend. I’m just starting to average one a month. My goal is 5 per Quarter. Really enjoy doing seminars for military families. It's a nice and high calling. Can't take back some of the things they've seen and done, but great to have the chance to prevent another one from losing it.

Meanwhile my contract with the Urban League doing Life Skills training has been extended, and is now the required prerequisite for 60% of the services offered through the League. Participants range from GED students to small business owners getting training for expansion. My classes are 4 days a week, 2 weeks a month.

Getting ready to upgrade my social life. I'm not talking about having a girlfriend. Talking about going out, period. Have done a great job of being budget conscious for a year. No movies, limited restaurants, no clubs, a few fund raisers.... Meanwhile have managed to get a lot of travel in. I haven't stayed here a calendar month yet. Have been somewhere at least one weekend every month. Loving it! And I don't use the AC a lot. Someone was complaining about the heat the other day, and I told them I worship heat after living in Chicago. Didn't want to do too much hanging out until I felt comfortable with my money situation. Because neither contract has guaranteed pay “dates” I have to be more of a grownup about budgeting. For instance, because of summer schedule, I did not work at the League in July, and my August classes pay at the end of that month. YRP payments are reimbursed expenses + fee, payable 30-45 days after invoice. Did not have a YRP in June. July 17 invoice will likely come late August as well. So maybe ‘juggling’ would be a better word than budgeting??? Hahahaha Don’t cry for me Argentina… I just got back from Jamaica! No prob-blem! Went there to celebrate Silver Anniversary with a couple of friends who actually met through me back in my New York party days. Since it was a vows renewal, we found a spiritual one online and I officiated the ceremony. They were laughing and calling me Rev Sporty. I laughed too, but how happy am I that God has cemented a message through my spirit!

What message are you holding onto right now? Are you still moaning about the weather, aches & pains, other people, stress and pressure God has gifted you to experience? Are you complaining that your plate is so full that you just can’t carry another burden… then turning around in another breath and reassuring a friend that “God wouldn’t give you more than you can handle.”? Remember that you can’t have it both ways. As you see that other plate coming, marvel at the trust God has in you that you can handle 12 when you thought 11 was your limit. Encourage the angel in your mirror to enjoy another day. Know that no one thinks about you more than you do, including what you think someone else is thinking about you…. (hmmmmm & hahahahaha)

TGIT – Thank God It’s Today! You have been blessed to wake up and take another breath. There’s a chance that what ailed you yesterday will ignore you today. There’s an even better chance that what brought you joy yesterday will duplicate itself and bring you more happiness than you anticipated. That’s also why you should try something new today.

And TGIT – Thank God It’s Tonight! You understand what it takes to get through each day. Fully enjoy the blessing of making it to another night which offers the opportunity to lie down peacefully and wake up to do it all again tomorrow. Even if you lie down with pain, you’ve got a testimony of your resiliency to endure what so many others may have surrendered to. Put the TGIT’s together and find yourself in a wonderful spirit that allows each of you to touch and share in one another’s joy. If you don’t do so until my next post, let this be a day of peace and harmony for you. Do not complain about anything or anyone. SMILE and watch the world light up around you. Whomever and whatever doesn’t light up, is not your concern. Remember – you’re not complaining today. Stop right now and smile at somebody. Hey, even if they think you’re crazy, at least they’ll leave you alone… and not give you anything to complain about today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

What’s Wrong With Hell?

How many of you have lost a loved one?
When I signal you, please call out their name.

How often have you said,
“[name], I know you’re up there looking down and smiling at me”?
How often have you said,
“[name], I know you’re down there looking up and smiling at me”?
Why not?
What’s wrong with Hell?

I’ve heard some of the best people receive their marching orders,
directions and sentences to Hell
It’s just got to be overcrowded with teachers, parents, coaches, referees,
co-workers & supervisors, tenants & landlords, you’s but never me’s.
Didn’t they hear us…
Or have we been so low as to wish in whispers?

It’s been the chosen gift of countless coaches and fans
(“Give ‘em Hell”)…
The question for character confirmation of countless concerned citizens
(“Who the Hell are you?”)…
Puzzled patrons (“How in Hell?”)… The lost & found (“Where the Hell?”)…
Yet no one wants to go there.

We know about as much about it as we do about Heaven
Though we can guess the GPA
(God’s Prayers Answered) requirement is lower
The population is considered to be on one accord.
You don’t have to watch your back or language.
Weather’s consistent… food & entertainment 24/7… in fact there are no days
And surely no dark nights.

And if there are days, Sunday is just 1 of 7…
No one’s got the Monday Blues…
‘Hump Day’ has a refreshing tone for Wednesday…
Friday gets thanks like each day that starts with a “T” (Today)
And Saturday is not necessarily the last day.

The dress code and political views are welcomed
Diversity isn’t a buzz word; it’s respected at both levels
That’s right, there are only 2 levels: In or Out!
The truth is that the landlord or creator of both places
is branded in their 1st two letters (H-E)
And H-E is actually all in favor of overcrowding while blessing individually

H-E welcomes and invites all to enter willingly,
and no application is rejected based upon education,
social status, race, sex, age, medical or sinful background.
H-E is more than willing to give you all you want.
In fact, H-E has given you all you need

H-E is the one whom everyone acknowledges
Even by professing their disbelief
H-E has been the answer to countless prayers
and provider of timeless testimonies
of mysterious qualities that have proven themselves to be nothing more than our occasional loss of faith or belief that time & place are now & here…
now & here…” two words that (when put together)
signal our journey’s end without the Lord’s grace: nowhere!

For H-E is the Sheppard of the lost & found
And no matter where you think you’re going
You won’t get there without his impact on your life
And what you should really know is that H-E doesn’t look down on you
H-E doesn’t look up to you
H-E looks out for you

Now, why in the H-E-L-L (His Exalting Light & Love)
Wouldn’t you want that?

© June 2009

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

Men rarely get their proper recognition.

"Yo Mama" are fighting words... jokes about "Mama's baby, Papa's maybe";
"The most confusing day in America? Fathers Day"... even the song titles:
"... I'll Always Love my Mama (OJays)... Sadie (Spinners)...”
while men get “Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Temptations)...."

Well, not every father is a DBD (Dead Beat Dad).
And, like mothers, they don't get a rule book on parenthood either.
So I dedicate this month to the men



Your nine month wait showed no physical signs.
Your nourishment was indirect.
You waited in the wings to teach morals & values,
To cultivate self respect.

You were
*the final word, even as the first word...
*the knee that offered stability...
*the shoulder of security...
*the spirit that broke each fall...
The goal to reach (for approval)
Since the day your child could crawl.

You were not seen every waking moment,
But your presence was felt each morning, noon and night.
As your child is blessed to grow older,
Be sure to thank God for your foresight

- Sporty King


No, my father didn't stay and watch me grow up through every stage of my life. And he's never told me he loved me (to my knowledge). He believed his job was as Disciplinarian. He had never met his father, and chose to damn his mother for forcing him to be the man of the house at 12. And I could go on and on about what he did and didn't do... yet I'd rather stop here and say that he is my role model for manhood. Let me further say that more than half of what he taught me are things I wouldn't do... as he was often my biggest negative role model. But sometimes our greatest lessons are those that signal the road we choose not to take:

I don't have children, but I have nieces and nephews whom I choose to tell and show that I love them.

I chose to coach and referee community league basketball for 11 years... without threatening or berating my players... while reminding them that another man was interested in their developing morals and values, besides their father.

I chose to volunteer at youth centers and teach them how bright their future can be.

I chose to speak at Senior Citizen Centers and remind them that their past has shed light on our present.

I choose to thank my teachers in retrospect through motivating those who teach today.

I chose to do all of these things and more, because I believe my father would have done them if his life presented a different set of options. It's not my call to "forgive" him for choosing to leave when I was too young to understand what went on between him and my mother. Nor is it my call to "forgive" him once I understood how and why he made the choice he did. Yet I can't forgive him enough for taking advantage of the greatest option in my life: his part in creating me.

He died from Alzheimer's, so it's okay for me to talk about how much I love him and recognize how hard he tried to be the father he didn't know how to be. Wonder how he would've reacted had I ever told him?

We expect a lot from our parents. How much do we give?

Happy Fathers' Day

Friday, June 10, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


An area minister tells of his first Sunday in a new parish, while presenting the children's message. Seems the sanctuary in the new church had some magnificent stained glass windows, so his message centered on how each of us is called of God to help make up the whole picture of life. Like the pictures in the windows, it takes many little panels of glass to make the whole picture.

And then he said, "You see, each of you is a little pane."

And then pointing to each child individually, "You're a little pane. And you're a little pane. And you're a little pane. And..."

It took a few moments before he realized why everyone was laughing.
~ internet jokester unknown (… but painless …)

As you are inspired by my words please remember that my presence is for hire. When your people hear me speak they won’t have to remember me from somewhere else. ~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


Sometimes I wish I were lucky
Instead of just so . . . good.

If I could just be lucky
I might share my luck
No (in fact) I know I would.

Some people say that I'm lucky
I correct and remind them I'm blessed
I'm fortunate, spiritual, in tune with myself
Nothing outweighs my thirst for happiness

You see luck, itself, doesn't last
It supplies a glimmer of hope or chance
Luck forces you to take risks
Being blessed allows you to take a stance

Luck can give you that "On top of the world" feeling
That instant fix of elation
Being fortunate keeps you "on top of the world"
And allows you to enjoy the sensation

Spirituality is such a popular thing now
But it means much more than meets the eye
If you get lucky enough to get spiritual
Hold on, don't let that spirit die

If you get lucky enough to find yourself
Enjoy the challenge of introspection
Realize its value toward your growth

Understand that you're supposed to have success
Your purpose is ordained
You must choose to lead a prosperous life
You must make sunshine out of rain

But, I must admit
Sometimes I wish I were lucky
Instead of just so . . . good

But would I stand out from the rest?
If you're lucky you can be in good company
If you're blessed you can be with the best

© 1995
Framable copy available at

Friday, April 15, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


There’s only one true originating point
That place is called your Heart
There dwells a Kindred Spirit
And a child who won’t Age,
but ever grows Smart.

That child’s neighbors are Angels,
full of Hope and opportunity…
Their golden roads lead Happily to the King.
Your Ability to give must come from within,
And the Sweet return of your Kindness will make you Sing

For as we give, we catch up to what we’ve received
We Share our life, love, our laughter,
and trust in who we believe

We Keep our Smile Aglow with Sincerity
Our Touch, ever gentle and reassuring.
In fact we become so Humble and Silent
That some might consider us boring.

Yet it is because we are calm that we prosper.
What we give most Absolutely is our Thanks
Our wisdom has Helped us pass the test of Time,
time more precious than the money in the bank.

There’s only one True originating point
It’s the Nucleus of our dreams,
Saving us to See Another day.
Open your Hands in praise to Heaven’s glory
For what you give can never be taken Away

© Sporty King
Excerpted from Your Name Came to Mind
Available at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

I embrace my memory lapses, not stress.

When I used to speak at Senior Centers in Chicago I always reminded them to not feel embarrassed when people said they were going senile. Instead, they should let people know that they are exercising their right to forget! We do learn so much in our lives that there's no way we can remember it all. Stuff has to get pushed out as new information comes in. Computers lose memory... why shouldn't we??? (wink)

So, believe me, it is just as precious to share the thought with you as it is to read or hear you. That's also why I call my inspirational acronyms "Passing Thoughts." For what we share are mental moments... thus my 2011 theme "Happy New Moments."

I am totally loving my life in the South. It has not been the adjustment people think I'd have to go through. Mostly because moving here was my choice, and a choice I made 1/4 century ago. What joy to hear, embrace and follow God's word. When we make the decision to do or be, our commitment lasts longer. Truth be told, that's why there are so many flakey relationships. People don't want to admit to society that they chose the wrong mate. Of course the good side is that many of those trials and tribulations become testimonies... yes, I think they should stay in there and work it out. "Enough" is an individual experience.

Keep making choices. You're very good at it, and you've made more good ones than bad. Keep enjoying the growth of your faith. There is nothing like the smile that takes over your spirit when you know you've just won another scuffle. Remember, the battle belongs to the Lord... and the war is always won with the winners rarely being who they were when it started.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


Doesn’t mean you have to be
And you sure don’t need to be

Instead it means you have to Time
your communication/interaction
To most effectively transfer the message you want to send
And realize your message just may not get across
Until it’s delivered again and again

It certainly means you have to Genuinely care
Yes, that’s the “G”… you see
emotions are not sequential or by the book
So patiently add your Understanding
Most love requires another look

That look easily translates to being insightful
(an empathetic, not pathetic glance)
Taking the time to wear the other shoe
To consider why you deserve another chance

Let the “O” be for Obvious -
All the things you’ll pretend were clear
Regardless of the outcome you’ll justify your actions
Reminding all concerned there was nothing to fear

So my “H” stands for Hugs
Because what’s tough about love is acting nonchalant
We must maintain our will to nurture and respect
the actions that force each of us to grow
We must pledge to fight to overcome the urge
to motivate others based on our preferences
that negate how they feel or what they know

However you define love
It doesn’t mean we have to be

© 1988
"Do You Have Any Idea... How Fine You Are?"
Available at

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


A reschedule... a missed date...
A cancellation.. an aloof encounter...

But first, let me thank you
For the moment of unsureness
For as my heart was allowed to merge,
(Once again) with my brain,
I doubted my immortality
A state of mind I've chosen to share with you)
And I celebrated the step we had taken
Toward this meeting.

Yet the moment extended an eternity
A hollowness that echoed no sound
of reciprocity blackened my world.
Gone, was the laughter
Missing, the smile
Exiled, the warmth

... I almost lost you.
Instead I found that we were never together.

© 1988
"Do You Have Any Idea... How Fine You Are?"
Available at

Monday, February 7, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


I thought about switching lives with you.
But I miss me already.

See, I don't know if you enjoy waking up every morning
And that happens to be one of my favorite moments
Because it starts me off having reached my primary goal of the day
For my goal everyday is to wake up tomorrow...

And I don't know if you really appreciate
how your fingers and toes move.
While I know I really get a kick out of feeling
solid, soft or sandy soil supporting my successful stride.

I happen to enjoy touching, squeezing, holding
and pointing myself in the right direction
That direction is up, (by the way) are you headed that way?
I know I am,
And I'd sure like to be in my shoes when I get there...
Because I pretty much know how I'd deal with the crowds.

Got my acceptance speech ready, and been practicing my smile
Come to think of it,
I've been working on it since I was a child.

My favorite outfit will be pressed brand new
Family, friends, teachers, heroes, TV shows,
clients, habits and hobbies
They'll all be there too.
Can't say I'd know how to handle them all,
if I woke up and found out I was you.

My mentors would take credit, while giving me praise
They'd help me relive memories and cherish new days
Oh, how I would laugh at the tough times
and the material things that were lost
And rejoice in the character they helped build
See, my life and spirit are beyond monetary cost.

Every enemy would stand in their place
and receive equal time to express the beauty they inspired
through their negativity.
Let's face it,
so many of the lessons we actually learn come from disharmony.

A selfish person made me want to share...
A jealous person helped me recognize insecurity...
A lie reminded me to tell the truth...
I remember joy & pain... I like sunshine & rain...
And it was a man who taught me how to be a man.

I've been vigilant, patient, spontaneous, loving, mean, mischievous.
Ignorant, irresponsible, (irresistible), innocent, intelligent, intuitive, intimate, interesting, introspective/indecisive, insightful/insatiable, insensitive/incredible, indispensable, independent, incoherent/incognito, indescribable, inexperienced, infallible, indestructible, inspirational, inquisitive, instinctive, instrumental, IN...
and OUT...

Outstanding/outrageous, outside/outsmarted, outspoken/outdone, outlandish/outclassed, outwitted/outcast, outnumbered, outraged, outright, outreached, outranked, outvoted, outgoing, out of sight, out of this world...
oh, yes, even out of breath…
(and almost) out of my mind,

Because, I thought about switching lives with you.
But I miss me already.

See, I don't know if you enjoy waking up every morning,
And that happens to be one of my favorite moments.

”Your Name Came To Mind”
© 2000
Available at

Friday, February 4, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


What happens when we leave God out of love?
What happens to those around us...
What can we really do...
What will we really have to share...
What happens to me and you?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
How can we share or be happy...
How does that make us feel...
How can our relationships remain true...
How will we know love is real?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
Where do we find ourselves...
Where is our light...
Where is that feeling of satisfaction...
Where is that knowledge that says this is right?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
Why does our heart become covered with hate...
Why don't we care...
Why are we so cold...
Why do we let love's freshness become stale,
and then let it become old?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
Who are we really cheating...
Who has the most at stake...
Whose heart really breaks?

When we leave God out of love
there are no answers... only questions.
Questions that lead to doubt
So before you call it "love"
make sure you know what He's all about.

”Your Name Came To Mind”
© 1986
Available at

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

From My Limited Scope

Shall I call the Psychic NOT-Line?
Or have my palm blue?
Or would it be better if I do all I can
To find out about myself, based on what I hear from you?

You're the man who understands menstrual cramps...
The winner who says you've never lost...
The woman who forgot to wear an athletic support cup...
The fresh-out-of-college boss....

The black who’s never been white,
The left that's never been right.
You've always lived in the same place
Never traveled or visited afar
Never flown or taken the train
And you never have driven a car.

Didn't marry, no kids, not a drink or drug have you taken.
The son who's never been a daughter,
Yet you freely give your opinion with authority
And act as if it's you who walked on water.

Now, from where I sit I cannot answer every question,
In fact, there are times where I'll add to what is asked.
For as similar as my experiences are, they're different
So understanding, rather than answering, becomes my task.

© 1999

Saturday, January 29, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

Feeling overloaded and distracted? Consider it a gear switch rather than a distraction… maybe even a detour. That happens once you get into a groove. Sometimes you’ve got the auto pilot going so smoothly that God throws a little extra in the pot to see you handle it.

He is such a wonderful ‘tester’ and trainer. What He’s really doing is helping you stretch a little thinnner so as not to overload your focus in an area that needs a little more time to develop. Enjoy the stretch… switch the gears.

~Morning… Noon… & Night… available @

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


God's love never fails,
Though we sometimes expect it to. . .

We may sometimes feel incomplete.
And in that cavernous place of fantasy,
we lose sight of the true light that keeps us afloat.

A fantasy that should, instead,
invite us to a rainbow of joy
where the pot of gold at the end, is at the beginning.
Or have you forgotten that in the beginning,
there was the Word. . .

And just as the word was good,
so (too) must we believe in our wholeness:

Are you Willing to sacrifice...
happy to look success in the eye, and proclaim the victory?
Can you clear out yesterday and tomorrow...
to enjoy the Here and now of this present?

Are you On top of your game...
where you win because you compete only against yourself?

Do you Love yourself?
And will the by-product of your love (Self Esteem)
bring you closer to the Everlasting passion and promise
of God's love...?

...for it never fails,
though we sometimes expect it to. . .

because we cannot understand his power.

”Your Name Came To Mind”
© 2006
Available at

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


... Can’t live without them (period)
And I wouldn’t want to have to be the one to prove it...

Thus, as I sat beside the fireplace last night,
my thoughts drifted to you.

Not the words we exchanged during our last time together,
but to you

And as I listened to the crackle of the wood
I was reminded of the crispness and effervescence of your smile...
A glow of encouragement, inspiring me to breathe
and enjoy this walk of faith.

Starring into the dancing flames
I saw the many faces of your beauty, and sensed your moods...
As you stare into the mirror we now share.

Funny, how it seems I have a message...
When I am merely the messenger.

Clever, how I mouth your words...
With no sight of your hand running up my back.

Lasting, your affect on the lives you touch...
Neither beginning nor ending with mine.

Oh, I could go on...

”Your Name Came To Mind”
© 2006
Available at

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling