Saturday, October 23, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but part of being a teenager is living the process of wanting to be accepted while trying to be independent. It’s what they’ve been taught by the same generation trying to stop them….

Many children grow up living their parents’ maniacy of Keeping up with the Joneses.  As the adults have tried to make sure their babies weren’t out-dressed or equally-dressed, they shifted that competitive mindset to children who quickly learned that they could get what they wanted by noticing, “[Sporty] has one.”

As adults we need to realize, recognize and find comfort in knowing that we only have to reach one child a day. And reload, knowing you'll have to reach THAT child again...

Friday, October 15, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

One of my young sisters posted on Facebook, ‎"The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, 'It's a girl."------Shirley Chisholm

Because you may not see my response to her post, here it is:

And then there's the Good News! I heard Haki Madabuti talking on Baisden show yesterday saying that (while discussing the movie documentary "Waiting for Superman") girls mature faster than boys because they are read to by parents, 10 times more hours by the time they start school.

Perhaps the stereotype is breeding leaders.

When you embrace the negativity, you enhance it. Shirley didn't get where she got by feeling inferior. Why send it back to justify failure?

GIRLS - Gifted Individuals Replicating the Lord's Strength! '-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

While you’re pushing this generation away and “not knowing what to do with them,” by disapproving of their dress, style, piercing, tattoos, language, following the crowd… advertisers are trying to reach ‘These Kids of Today.’

Radio commercials are being created with ethnic dialect that glorifies poor grammar. I heard a commercial that stated, “… I seen my friend, and asked her….”  Personalities read scripts written by advertisers with the expressions ‘dog,’ ‘represent,’ ‘OMG….’

Billboards and TV ads have text messages and slang jingles with popular Rappers. Sponsors bankroll the non-traditional athletes with heightened sexual innuendo. Videos showcase sex, liquor and products that have absolutely nothing to do with the song. Reality TV encourages competitive disrespect of everyone....

Don’t misread this message. I’m not knocking or criticizing the advertisers, mediums or personalities. They know and acknowledge how powerful our children are. I’m asking whether or not you’re one of the voices sending them to find love where they’re accepted… then wondering aloud if they’ve lost their minds?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

Little Obstacles Strengthen Spirits

When my mother died I thought about certain meals I wouldn't get again. No, not immediately... but I mention this to make the point that we all take our loved ones for granted, believing they'll be there at all times. All the time knowing that they may not.

When I resolved to face my mourning and instead of blocking out the fact that she was gone, I embraced it. I took on the challenge of replicating my favorite meals. In the process, no way did they come out "just like mom used to make." But they brought her back to me as I ceremoniously seasoned and prepared the foods that she instinctively threw together. Cooking is now one of the many traditions I use to be at peace in my mother's spirit.

When I watched her take her last breath it was the biggest feeling of emptiness and powerlessness I will ever experience. Living on for her has made me stronger, on this my walk toward spiritual growth.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

Self Imposed Limitations Lie to You

Take a moment, sit down,
and think about some of the things you once told yourself you couldn't (or wouldn't dare) do.
As you add up the number of hurdles
that you ended up eclipsing,
laugh at the SILLY reason you used
to keep yourself back.
Self Imposed Limitations Lie to You

© 2001 Starting Today...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

If we see everything as Right or Wrong we sometimes push children away and cause insecure Peer pressure. Of course there’s the other PEER pressure

Parents Experiencing Excellence in Retrospect

"You know you're 13 now, you should know better."

Ever say that to a child? More importantly, have you ever asked yourself "why" they should know "what" at "which" age? And "when" did you really learn the lessons you know today, in your life and business?

Neither actually comes with a rule book, does it....

Your success must mature according to who you are. We all learn at a different pace.

© 2001 Starting Today...

Yes, it's tough being a parent, but give your child room to grow. Set clear boundaries that will evolve to wise choices and guidelines. Remember to use the Parent Handbook. It's 40 pages... all blank! Give yourself credit for doing the best you can. You are a good parent.
ps - flip the Handbook over and read it in the other direction to get the Child Rules...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...

Meanwhile, on the job… this is no time to BLAME co-workers and supervisors. We spend so much time trying to catch someone doing something wrong... why not catch people doing something right? Once you do, you encourage people to repeat the action toward getting the victory for all.

Basically Lying And Making Excuses

Realize that if you say I did something... I say I didn't do... one of us is lying. When the truth comes out, that person has to make excuses about why they lied. In the interim we've lost valuable time. If the mistake occurred at Station 3, we can't keep waiting for it to get to Station 6 to show up. Speak up if you've made a mistake. It may be a signal that the training or orientation process needs to be reviewed.

There are no perfect companies. Errors are made. If you've established that you are a valuable person, you'll be able to have the mindset of getting credit for the mishap that might put the system back on track toward success....

Monday, October 4, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...


Oh, there were plenty of other people in the room to talk to
And plenty of things to look at,
But your eyes held my attention.
Well, not the whole time. . .

There were times where you looked away
And I thought about nibbling your toes
Or fingertips or neck to get your attention. . .

Sure, I even considered picking you up.
But I noticed you weren't wearing any underwear.
And I knew you were oblivious to the breeze that kept blowing,
So I thought it best to join everybody else in the waiting game
Of when someone would change your diaper.

© 1994 Sporty King
Yes, it's a baby on a table. So often it is our perception that promotes or degrades the way we look at life. So as the media headlines continue to challenge and broadcast gloom, what we really have to broadcast is the fact that this isn’t the first depression… it isn’t the first recession… It’s the next tough time. And we’ve gotten through though times before. Each of us has.

Well, the perception right now is that we’re stuck. That we’re living in economic quicksand. Let’s change our perspective, and talk about ‘learning’ in economic quicksand.

This week I'll share the acronyms I use to having a conversation with my audience about dealing with today's gift of life. Yes, that still overshadows the trials & tribulations. Focus on getting your testimony, and you'll learn the steps you can take to stay positive through laughter and introspection.

As you enjoy reading, consider how life changing this seminar could be with me touching on specific points that impact your audience of teens, parents, educators, conference attendees and people who breathe... '-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

How I Feel Affects Other People...


Say that with me… [Thy Will Be Done]
That’s wasn’t too hard, was it?
Now try believing it.

I remember being down on my knees muttering those four words
And thinking that after the Kingdom arrived
All God’s plans would be fulfilled
(I remember thinking that)
Now I know it!

And what I know is that the Kingdom has arrived.
And the mysterious ways
many have considered a part of God’s handiwork
are nothing more than the countless blessings
in his crystal clear plans
that we are just not aware of.

So this new road we take to healing begins
With our latest testimony of appreciation for life.
A testimony that will last at least until we get out this door
and back to cursing drivers who cut us off…
Rolling our eyes at a teenage outfit…
or blaming a small tree for a forest fire.
A testimony borne from tragedy that questions “Thy’s” W.I.L.L.
(What Is the Lord’s Lesson?)
How will I get through this one?
When will you lift this burden?
Where will I go from here?
Why me???

And his answer will be, “Are you done yet…”
(You see D.O.N.E. is Delivering my Omnipotent News Everyday)
“... or do you profess faith only in convenient retrospect?
I scheduled this day for you because JOB is no longer available.
I scheduled this day because I love you
And this new level is not made to have you question me…
But to help you understand me
Understand that what I want is for you to love me
and live by me everyday.
How? Anger is controllable,
and will only blind you from the blessing I woke you up with today.
When? This pain is temporary,
yet temporary can last a long time.
Where? Loss is necessary and always precedes growth.
Why? Understand that even if you don’t, I’ll always love you.

I’m DONE.”

© 2005 Sporty King

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling