Monday, March 16, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

inding Ourselves Creates Unlimited Success
So often what keeps us back is the tendency to “over-value” other people’s opinions: “If I were you, I would do this.” [BULLETIN!!!] They have no idea what they would do if they were you, because they have no idea what they would do if they were themselves.

We live in a reactionary world, where the best you can hope for is that 9 times out of 10 you’ll do what’s representative of who you are, with no regret. Did you see the movie “Titanic” where the rich guy paid for his seat on the life raft? What happened to the noble women and children first we all ‘say’ we’d honor in a crisis?

A crisis is just that, and an opportunity to learn about yourself. Focus on you, and let others come into focus. As you learn about where you want to go, you start to see who’s willing to help you get there, and who’s willing to hinder your success.

But, hey... that's what I would do to S.H.I.N.E.!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

essons Intended For Everyone
Every situation in your life begets a lesson. Sometimes the message is positive. Sometimes the lesson is negative. If you keep on enjoying the “option” to live, there will be a lesson. And it’s easier to follow a negative role model than a positive one. Why? Because we defiantly refuse to follow the path set by someone’s negativity. We resolve to not be like that person… never allow that to happen to us… to be sure we make better choices.

However, we tend to shy away from the lessons of positive role models because we become shy and doubt our ability to rise to the level set by successful people. We justify not having the same resources… being unable to sustain that intensity… feeling we can’t be as good as our heroes. We surrender to S.I.L.L.Y. reasons to keep ourselves back.

Self Imposed Limitations Lie to You
Take a moment, sit down, and think about some of the things you once told yourself you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) dare do. As you add up the number of hurdles that you ended up eclipsing, laugh at the SILLY reason you used to keep yourself back.

Laugh at anything that threatens your S.H.I.N.E.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

You know I will always contend that words are powerful (follow the Blog stream if you missed it). Thus I encourage you, as we begin this series on “Learning in Economic Quicksand” that you refocus on a positive vocabulary. One of the things I’ve decided to stop saying is that I’m broke, don’t have the money, or can’t afford it. Instead I say…

My Money’s On Vacation
But it said it would be back soon.

My hand came out of my pocket empty the other day
I checked the other one, the two in the back…
But it was all in vain
My money had gone away

I looked under the bed…
The closet shelves overhead
The back of the drawer…
Behind the bathroom door
It wasn’t stuffed in the mattress…
I even double checked my address
I tried the cookie jar…
The glove department in my car

I called, it didn’t answer…
Did it ignore me like Caller I-D?
My voice echoed in my head,
“Where, oh where can it be?”

I checked my check book…
Took into account my bank account
The shoe box didn’t have a red cent
The truth is I have no idea where it actually went

No matter where I looked I couldn’t see it
Couldn’t hear it, feel it, taste it,
and I couldn’t pick up the scent
Still I remain pretty confident it’ll show up
Right around the time to help me pay the rent

So I'm waiting for my money
to come back from vacation
It said it'd be back in moderation
Hasn't lied to me yet, what can I say
Though there are times
where it called and extended the stay

Thankfully it has been more prone
to show up when I least expected it...
Right on time... and I’ve never rejected it
It returns totally rejuvenated
Yet ready to leave again
But hey, that's what money does
It’s a different kind of friend

You see, Money’s always on the go
It’s not partial to the summer…
Has no problem with the snow
Doesn’t wither in the fall…
Nor jump ship in the spring
So I’ve gotten used to it being on vacation
It’s really no big thing

My money is on vacation
But it said it would be back soon
I suggest that you have a conversation with yours
And your life will keep playing in tune
© January 2009

Learn that your life is more important than money, because life comes with non-stop lessons. This is a good time to build and rebuild relationships that are important toward maintaining your spirit of faith over fear… helping you S.H.I.N.E. in 0-0-9.

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling