Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


Doesn’t mean you have to be
And you sure don’t need to be

Instead it means you have to Time
your communication/interaction
To most effectively transfer the message you want to send
And realize your message just may not get across
Until it’s delivered again and again

It certainly means you have to Genuinely care
Yes, that’s the “G”… you see
emotions are not sequential or by the book
So patiently add your Understanding
Most love requires another look

That look easily translates to being insightful
(an empathetic, not pathetic glance)
Taking the time to wear the other shoe
To consider why you deserve another chance

Let the “O” be for Obvious -
All the things you’ll pretend were clear
Regardless of the outcome you’ll justify your actions
Reminding all concerned there was nothing to fear

So my “H” stands for Hugs
Because what’s tough about love is acting nonchalant
We must maintain our will to nurture and respect
the actions that force each of us to grow
We must pledge to fight to overcome the urge
to motivate others based on our preferences
that negate how they feel or what they know

However you define love
It doesn’t mean we have to be

© 1988
"Do You Have Any Idea... How Fine You Are?"
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


A reschedule... a missed date...
A cancellation.. an aloof encounter...

But first, let me thank you
For the moment of unsureness
For as my heart was allowed to merge,
(Once again) with my brain,
I doubted my immortality
A state of mind I've chosen to share with you)
And I celebrated the step we had taken
Toward this meeting.

Yet the moment extended an eternity
A hollowness that echoed no sound
of reciprocity blackened my world.
Gone, was the laughter
Missing, the smile
Exiled, the warmth

... I almost lost you.
Instead I found that we were never together.

© 1988
"Do You Have Any Idea... How Fine You Are?"
Available at

Monday, February 7, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


I thought about switching lives with you.
But I miss me already.

See, I don't know if you enjoy waking up every morning
And that happens to be one of my favorite moments
Because it starts me off having reached my primary goal of the day
For my goal everyday is to wake up tomorrow...

And I don't know if you really appreciate
how your fingers and toes move.
While I know I really get a kick out of feeling
solid, soft or sandy soil supporting my successful stride.

I happen to enjoy touching, squeezing, holding
and pointing myself in the right direction
That direction is up, (by the way) are you headed that way?
I know I am,
And I'd sure like to be in my shoes when I get there...
Because I pretty much know how I'd deal with the crowds.

Got my acceptance speech ready, and been practicing my smile
Come to think of it,
I've been working on it since I was a child.

My favorite outfit will be pressed brand new
Family, friends, teachers, heroes, TV shows,
clients, habits and hobbies
They'll all be there too.
Can't say I'd know how to handle them all,
if I woke up and found out I was you.

My mentors would take credit, while giving me praise
They'd help me relive memories and cherish new days
Oh, how I would laugh at the tough times
and the material things that were lost
And rejoice in the character they helped build
See, my life and spirit are beyond monetary cost.

Every enemy would stand in their place
and receive equal time to express the beauty they inspired
through their negativity.
Let's face it,
so many of the lessons we actually learn come from disharmony.

A selfish person made me want to share...
A jealous person helped me recognize insecurity...
A lie reminded me to tell the truth...
I remember joy & pain... I like sunshine & rain...
And it was a man who taught me how to be a man.

I've been vigilant, patient, spontaneous, loving, mean, mischievous.
Ignorant, irresponsible, (irresistible), innocent, intelligent, intuitive, intimate, interesting, introspective/indecisive, insightful/insatiable, insensitive/incredible, indispensable, independent, incoherent/incognito, indescribable, inexperienced, infallible, indestructible, inspirational, inquisitive, instinctive, instrumental, IN...
and OUT...

Outstanding/outrageous, outside/outsmarted, outspoken/outdone, outlandish/outclassed, outwitted/outcast, outnumbered, outraged, outright, outreached, outranked, outvoted, outgoing, out of sight, out of this world...
oh, yes, even out of breath…
(and almost) out of my mind,

Because, I thought about switching lives with you.
But I miss me already.

See, I don't know if you enjoy waking up every morning,
And that happens to be one of my favorite moments.

”Your Name Came To Mind”
© 2000
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Friday, February 4, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


What happens when we leave God out of love?
What happens to those around us...
What can we really do...
What will we really have to share...
What happens to me and you?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
How can we share or be happy...
How does that make us feel...
How can our relationships remain true...
How will we know love is real?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
Where do we find ourselves...
Where is our light...
Where is that feeling of satisfaction...
Where is that knowledge that says this is right?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
Why does our heart become covered with hate...
Why don't we care...
Why are we so cold...
Why do we let love's freshness become stale,
and then let it become old?

What happens when we leave God out of love?
Who are we really cheating...
Who has the most at stake...
Whose heart really breaks?

When we leave God out of love
there are no answers... only questions.
Questions that lead to doubt
So before you call it "love"
make sure you know what He's all about.

”Your Name Came To Mind”
© 1986
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

From My Limited Scope

Shall I call the Psychic NOT-Line?
Or have my palm blue?
Or would it be better if I do all I can
To find out about myself, based on what I hear from you?

You're the man who understands menstrual cramps...
The winner who says you've never lost...
The woman who forgot to wear an athletic support cup...
The fresh-out-of-college boss....

The black who’s never been white,
The left that's never been right.
You've always lived in the same place
Never traveled or visited afar
Never flown or taken the train
And you never have driven a car.

Didn't marry, no kids, not a drink or drug have you taken.
The son who's never been a daughter,
Yet you freely give your opinion with authority
And act as if it's you who walked on water.

Now, from where I sit I cannot answer every question,
In fact, there are times where I'll add to what is asked.
For as similar as my experiences are, they're different
So understanding, rather than answering, becomes my task.

© 1999

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling