Saturday, April 18, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

J.O.Y. & W.I.N.
Do you sometimes have a hard time being you? Imagine trying to be someone else. This is no time to “fake it until you make it.” You can honestly only be good at being you. Whenever you try to be someone else you will fail. So focus on that J.O.Y., knowing there is Just One You. When people say, “Only you would do that!” realize that without you… “that” wouldn’t get done. There is no greater joy than to celebrate being you. “That” is your guarantee for success.

Your success will come from your definition of success. You see, winning is personal: What I Need. Each of us has a personal win that makes us a valuable member of every team. Remember, when the Chicago Bulls had a dynasty, a win for Dennis Rodman wasn’t how many points he scored… it was the rebounds he got. For Michael Jordan, it wasn’t the rebounds… it was the points. He took it to another level… how many steals, assists… stopping his man from scoring. As each member of the Bulls understood their personal win they put together a dynasty.

Likewise, you are a valuable member of each team as you understand what makes you a winner. Life is also about going from one puzzle to another. In each case you are a small, medium or large puzzle piece. However, no puzzle is complete if one piece is missing. You are that important piece of the puzzle. Continue to learn about who you are, and how you S.H.I.N.E.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

P.E.E.R. Pressure & Keeping up with the J.O.N.E.S.
Tough times put a lot of pressure on our young people, as parents tighten their budgets. However it is the P.E.E.R. (Parents Experiencing Excellence in Retrospect) Pressure that does them in the most. This is where parents (or elders) decide that they had no “whimsical wants” and made no “oops” decisions in their younger lives.

“You’re 13 now, you should know better.”

Why should they know what at which age? And when did you really learn the lessons you know today? Now is not the time to transfer anger to children. You’ll always make better, lasting connections when you admit you’re human.

Go on and have a flashback to when you were a teenager. Let them know that you were able to redirect your life after “actually” thinking some of the things, and feeling some of the ways they do. Then you can transfer that S.O.B. (Stretching Of the Budget) speech to your new expectations of them....

And whatever you do… don’t keep up with the J.O.N.E.S. (Just Our Neighbors' Expensive Stuff). Everyone will recover at a different pace. Let your respect for one another grow, and help according to where you see fit.

Don’t under or over-estimate your ability to S.H.I.N.E.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Learning in Economic Quicksand

ittle Obstacles Strengthen Spirits
Of course no matter how focused you are, who among us has not experienced a loss? And who will not experience another? What’s the lesson? Let’s first look at what I’d consider the true challenge: the pace at which we come back from our losses.

When someone has a death in their family, I add to my condolences, “… wishing you not a fast, but a smooth recovery….”

While in the midst of a loss we often can’t fathom how we’ll make it out “this time.” In saying that, already the self-fulfilling prophesy has begun to weave its magic… you know you’re going to make it out. We may fight, scream or whine… but we’ve got a track record for making it.

Wisdom being what it is, in retrospect we see our ‘big loss’ as a bump in the road… an obstacle we thought we couldn’t overcome. After overcoming it, we feel better about ourselves and more confident in moving on with our lives.

Get stronger in this quicksand by exercising your faith….

Don't lose it... believe in your ability to S.H.I.N.E.

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
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