Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OK, I’ve moved the move-date to July 6.

As mentioned, I've wanted to move to Charlotte for a long time. Both of my relocations have been career moves through Wall Street Journal. I've never moved for "me," just because I wanted to. And doing what I want to do is important to my spirit and psyche. So I'm moving to Charlotte because I want to and because I can. I give everyone free reign to attach as many alternative reasons, good or bad, as they want to. But let me tell you what God has been doing….

Remember, he is the Planning Committee, while I am on the Implementation Crew. Enter one of my favorite acronyms: F.E.A.R. (Faith Eventually Attracts Resources). Since I announced this move I have reconnected with a friend I’ve known since 5th grade, who has let me know that I do have ‘family’ in Charlotte. She will help me find a place to live. Another friend whom I met through an annual speaking engagement with the National Black MBA Association has offered business connections. Following up on his lead, I have a meeting with the Urban League April 6, when I go down (April 3-6) to choose housing.

I mentioned to my Job/Life Skills Training class that I was going to stay in Chicago May and June, while living as “bill-free” as possible to have some starter cash. One of the students asked if I had friends like that. (Because I hadn’t thought about it in any detail) I told him that I didn’t know… but that my friends had a person willing to ask. :-) I asked my friend, whom I met my 2nd week after moving to Chicago, if I could stay at her place in June. She said yes, while adding that since I’ve been volunteering to count and sort her Taste of Chicago tickets for 3 years, I am not released until July 4.

Thus my July 6 move date.
Back up a step… and let’s put this puzzle together.

I’ll PICK a place to live in April… sign a lease that begins in June… drive my stuff down the first week of June… put it in my new place… drive back to Chicago and live out the last month. WOW, this relocation stuff is no joke. A lot of detail, and I can see why they have departments dedicated to it. I'm doing a great job of connecting the dots. And the vision is growing each day. Still adjusting and creating my time lines.

Too Much Information??? Not really.
Too Much Excitement!!!I appreciate you,

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The Master of Listening
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