Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learning in Economic Quicksand

When you know you’re a winner
you don’t always have to see the Finish Line…
you just have to know it’s up ahead.
© 2010

Learning in Economic Quicksand

Teachers… thank you for another great school year. Students get younger each year as you get older. As you experience the GIFT of aging, you the chance to get 1 more year out of touch… OR one closer to staying in tune. Continue to see them as children, not adults.

Rewind, and see them as 3rd graders, then go down to 2nd … and 1st with patience. Keep in touch with the patience you would give 1st – 3rd grade development….

Have a wonderful “Portions of Summer,” and know that you did your best. Rejuvenate, revive and resolve to come back and be even better, as you reach one student per day.
© May 2010

G.I.F.T. - Grow Immeasurable Faith Today

Monday, May 24, 2010

Travelling Testimony

Let me close this story out, before the month runs out… regarding my trip to L.A.

If you’ve been keeping up with the previous episodes about the bumped flights and lost luggage, you’ll see why I decided to take an earlier return flight to Chicago, than planned. My return flight was scheduled for 10:55pm Sunday to connect in Detroit and arrive in Chicago at 8:00am Monday morning… and I had a class to teach at 9:00am. [sidebar – if I don’t teach the class, I don’t get paid. The money I get for teaching the class pays for things like airline tickets and conference registrations… I digress]

I called on Saturday night to find out that there is an additional $50 fee for booking an earlier flight, yet they cannot guarantee your seat until you’re live at the airport. They gave me the potential flights that were unfilled, yet also stated that being there 2 hours early would be a good move. Sooooo, I made that good move on Sunday morning. Got to the airport. Went to the ticket machine and booked myself standby on a new flight.

Oops, the computer said to see the Reservation Agent for my ticket. The Agent said there’s no longer such a thing as ‘standby.’ I agreed. WE looked at what the computer spit out. I calmly agreed with him and wondered aloud about my options. His computer would not give him the help he needed to resolve this conflict. He stopped and asked 3 co-workers. They were stumped as well. He went back to talk to a person in a red jacket (I think they are the captains), and came back… the computer still wouldn’t cooperate. Another co-worker mildly suggested he give up. I calmly enjoyed his tenacity….

Bottom line: he spent 45 minutes with me… booked me on a flight… waived the $50 switch fee AND the $25 luggage fee based on “… what happened on [my] incoming flight…”

Point: when you are calm enough to respect people, they FIND a way to help you… and a means to justify their help.

I wished him and the others well, and gave each of them a different Passing Thoughts acronym.


When you know you’re a winner
you don’t always have to see the Finish Line…
you just have to know it’s up ahead.
Remember, winning is personal
(W.I.N. - What I Need).
As we each get our personal win,
we become a valuable member of every team.

© 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010


Most of the mothers I know are grown women
But for what a mother does that's no requirement
So as I define the term "Other Mothers"
Let's understand they, too, are heaven sent.

They nourish and nurture us
With words of milk and honey
They feed us hope, they show us love
And, yes, they give us money.

They've changed diapers, lost sleep, enjoyed our cooking
Sang, spoken in(coherent) tongues
Sat through plays and the list goes on and on. . .

They have "Other" names
Like Dad, Sister, Brother, Friend
Aunt, Uncle, God-parent, Cousin
Neighbor, Coach, Miss
and Mister...
I'll stop while we're at a fresh dozen.

But whatever you call your O. M.
Remember what they've done
And enjoy this opportunity to make them smile.

Thank them for the love, the money
The list that went on and on. . .
Then add the other M to our dozen
And simply call them M.O.M.

© 1995 Sporty King

We have 365 (sometimes 66) days to find a reason to celebrate one another. The “acknowledgment days” are simply on the calendar to remind us of that gift and requirement. Make/keep yours a heart of celebration and appreciation for everyone in your life… everyday….

Happy Everyone Day

Friday, May 7, 2010

Defined in One Day??? (muTH'.er) n.

Yesterday someone tried to define you.
I laughed and told them you are unique.
I explained that you are at your strongest
Whenever you seem to be weak.

And that though you are my mother,
You are somebody's sister and friend.
You put on "new hats" spontaneously
You work magic again and again.

I helped them understand
that your wisdom is pure...
that your touch is comforting...
that your voice is soothing...

Oh, I went on and on...
(I hope you don't mind)
See, I'll always be your biggest fan
For you'll always be one of a kind.

Happy Mother’s (Every) Day

© 1995 Sporty King

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Travelling Testimony

As alluded to in my previous post… my bags didn’t survive the flight switches. As the last few passengers rolled and pulled their luggage out the door I challenged my imagination to believe that my suitcase would plop down onto the carousel any minute. Finally I asked who I needed to speak with, and was calmly welcomed by a very capable and accommodating gentleman who was not handling his first lost bag. We forget that sometimes… I think that’s where any of you who are screamers come in.

Think about it… in some way, the person is glad your bag is lost, because it justifies their having a job. Then they are excited about taking it to the next level, of easing your discomfort and resolving the situation asap… justifying their having a job....

Your luggage cannot get there any faster as you rant and rave. I’m also pretty sure that, as fast as the attendant seems to be able to type, they can type faster if you’re not screaming in their ears about something they have absolutely no control over. They offer toiletries and whatever will get you through the night. I admit I declined the offer, so I can’t list the menu for you. I have traveled enough to have known to pack “change of clothes” stuff in my carry on. Make the adjustment in your packing, so that you can experience a bump in your plans rather than a crash.

In fact, we’ve all made some adjustments in travel and travel plans since 9/11. Care to list one? I’ll close out with my return trip testimony in a few days, because I’m working on another testimony as you read. ;-)

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling