Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finding Ourselves Creates Unlimited Success
The true answer to clicking into who you are is patience. As we live in the moment, we do what the moment calls for in terms of our reaction and belief. I always say we can't be positive 365/24/7... but we can be positive more than negative; up more than down; moving forward more than backward. Yet, it is the stepping back that nurtures the wisdom to bolster the others.

When we step back and look at what we've done and gone through, we get the chance to see how blessed we are, even if the results weren't favorable. We get the chance to make the adjustments to our decision making process that ultimately defines who we are. Even when the results are not favorable we replant our spiritual belief of how we'll handle the next situation... sometimes needing to pray that we'll get another chance.

And in that prayer for another chance we can find Positivity in believing that there will be one. While we're waiting for that chance we have to stay up, to be ready to respond as who we've now defined ourselves to be. After our response we step back again and recreate the Victorious Cycle.

Patiently we find the moments are not as wide apart as they once seemed... because we start to see how each incident connected to the first, and the part we played...
Click! That's who I am!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning in Economic Quicksand

Just One You

There are few things more worth celebrating than being who you are… sharing your gift with those who love you, and those who will learn to. You see, though it’s a cliché, there is total truth to the fact that there is absolutely no one else like you. So as people meet you, they are learning about you… experiencing you for the first time. Teach them to enjoy you by radiating the joy you have for yourself, as well as how you seek to appreciate their light. I believe we can show this light through how we celebrate ourselves… which is what ‘sharing’ is all about.

January 22, 1975 I started working as a Messenger at The Wall Street Journal, picking up and delivering advertising material. I would retire as a Regional Classified Advertising Manager, 18 years later. Today I am a Messenger for R. King & Associates (I am “R. King,” and my “Associates” are my bills), picking up and delivering inspirational material to important people like yourself. Think about some of your anniversaries and continue to celebrate you. There are few things more worth celebrating than being who you are.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Learning in Economic Quicksand

I’ve heard that word attached to my recent announcement that I will be relocating to Charlotte, NC on May 27. Why so specific on the date? Because God is specific on the blessings. I’ve actually wanted to live in Charlotte since 1986, when it was part of my sales territory while working at The Wall Street Journal. I even gave my boss a formal request to open an office there. They didn’t have the NFL, NBA or WNBA… there was just something I liked about the city.

As I continue to grow to become a more spiritual person, I get better at looking back at when I’ve been the most personally successful. It has been those times where I listened to and took a chance on myself. I’m not statistics and research… I’m action, appreciatively connected to stats and research. I’m creativity, faithfully attached and committed to excellence. Thus, as I connect to the following scriptural interpretation from my Bible I look forward to sharing this journey with you…


Exodus 10:2
What stories Moses had to tell! Living out one of the greatest dramas in biblical history, Moses witnessed events few people would ever see. God told Moses that his miraculous experiences with Pharaoh should be retold to his descendants. It is important for us to tell our children about God’s work in our past and to help them see what he is doing right now. What are the turning points in your life where God intervened? What is God doing for you now? These stories you share with your children will lay the foundations for their belief in God.
- Touch Point Bible (© 1996, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.)

… So much so, that I ask which acronym you like best for B.O.L.D.?
1) Believing Our Lord’s Destiny
2) Believing Our Lord’s Direction
3) Bound by Our Lord’s Direction
4) Bravely Obeying… Loyally Doing
5) Being One with my Lord’s Desire
(try your own mixture)

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling