Friday, April 15, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...


There’s only one true originating point
That place is called your Heart
There dwells a Kindred Spirit
And a child who won’t Age,
but ever grows Smart.

That child’s neighbors are Angels,
full of Hope and opportunity…
Their golden roads lead Happily to the King.
Your Ability to give must come from within,
And the Sweet return of your Kindness will make you Sing

For as we give, we catch up to what we’ve received
We Share our life, love, our laughter,
and trust in who we believe

We Keep our Smile Aglow with Sincerity
Our Touch, ever gentle and reassuring.
In fact we become so Humble and Silent
That some might consider us boring.

Yet it is because we are calm that we prosper.
What we give most Absolutely is our Thanks
Our wisdom has Helped us pass the test of Time,
time more precious than the money in the bank.

There’s only one True originating point
It’s the Nucleus of our dreams,
Saving us to See Another day.
Open your Hands in praise to Heaven’s glory
For what you give can never be taken Away

© Sporty King
Excerpted from Your Name Came to Mind
Available at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

I embrace my memory lapses, not stress.

When I used to speak at Senior Centers in Chicago I always reminded them to not feel embarrassed when people said they were going senile. Instead, they should let people know that they are exercising their right to forget! We do learn so much in our lives that there's no way we can remember it all. Stuff has to get pushed out as new information comes in. Computers lose memory... why shouldn't we??? (wink)

So, believe me, it is just as precious to share the thought with you as it is to read or hear you. That's also why I call my inspirational acronyms "Passing Thoughts." For what we share are mental moments... thus my 2011 theme "Happy New Moments."

I am totally loving my life in the South. It has not been the adjustment people think I'd have to go through. Mostly because moving here was my choice, and a choice I made 1/4 century ago. What joy to hear, embrace and follow God's word. When we make the decision to do or be, our commitment lasts longer. Truth be told, that's why there are so many flakey relationships. People don't want to admit to society that they chose the wrong mate. Of course the good side is that many of those trials and tribulations become testimonies... yes, I think they should stay in there and work it out. "Enough" is an individual experience.

Keep making choices. You're very good at it, and you've made more good ones than bad. Keep enjoying the growth of your faith. There is nothing like the smile that takes over your spirit when you know you've just won another scuffle. Remember, the battle belongs to the Lord... and the war is always won with the winners rarely being who they were when it started.


The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
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