Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

NC Update:
All is well. Things are starting to pick up with my Dept of Defense contract. Contract is through a program called The Yellow Ribbon Program. These are weekend seminars going on across the country every weekend in multiple locations. The weekends are for service members who are returning from being deployed and their families. Part of the goal is to help them reintegrate into civilian life through upgrading their communication skills. Each event is held in a nice hotel and has social time built in, so that they can get a little of a “vacation” feel. YRP’s are mandatory for service members 30, 60 and 90 days after full battalion has returned and can be scheduled. According to which cycle they’re on, they are encouraged to bring family members of all ages. Booths are set up around the hallways so that they can get information about benefits: education, insurance, psychiatric, spiritual, employment…. So far I’ve done sessions on Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Leadership and spoken with the teenagers.

Notice I said ‘service members.’ All branches operate independently. Army members are Soldiers, Air Force Airmen, Navy Sailors, and Marines. I’ve done Army and some Air Force so far. I cannot approach them for more business. I am listed on a site that gives them the option to choose whomever they think would be best for the theme of their weekend. I’m just starting to average one a month. My goal is 5 per Quarter. Really enjoy doing seminars for military families. It's a nice and high calling. Can't take back some of the things they've seen and done, but great to have the chance to prevent another one from losing it.

Meanwhile my contract with the Urban League doing Life Skills training has been extended, and is now the required prerequisite for 60% of the services offered through the League. Participants range from GED students to small business owners getting training for expansion. My classes are 4 days a week, 2 weeks a month.

Getting ready to upgrade my social life. I'm not talking about having a girlfriend. Talking about going out, period. Have done a great job of being budget conscious for a year. No movies, limited restaurants, no clubs, a few fund raisers.... Meanwhile have managed to get a lot of travel in. I haven't stayed here a calendar month yet. Have been somewhere at least one weekend every month. Loving it! And I don't use the AC a lot. Someone was complaining about the heat the other day, and I told them I worship heat after living in Chicago. Didn't want to do too much hanging out until I felt comfortable with my money situation. Because neither contract has guaranteed pay “dates” I have to be more of a grownup about budgeting. For instance, because of summer schedule, I did not work at the League in July, and my August classes pay at the end of that month. YRP payments are reimbursed expenses + fee, payable 30-45 days after invoice. Did not have a YRP in June. July 17 invoice will likely come late August as well. So maybe ‘juggling’ would be a better word than budgeting??? Hahahaha Don’t cry for me Argentina… I just got back from Jamaica! No prob-blem! Went there to celebrate Silver Anniversary with a couple of friends who actually met through me back in my New York party days. Since it was a vows renewal, we found a spiritual one online and I officiated the ceremony. They were laughing and calling me Rev Sporty. I laughed too, but how happy am I that God has cemented a message through my spirit!

What message are you holding onto right now? Are you still moaning about the weather, aches & pains, other people, stress and pressure God has gifted you to experience? Are you complaining that your plate is so full that you just can’t carry another burden… then turning around in another breath and reassuring a friend that “God wouldn’t give you more than you can handle.”? Remember that you can’t have it both ways. As you see that other plate coming, marvel at the trust God has in you that you can handle 12 when you thought 11 was your limit. Encourage the angel in your mirror to enjoy another day. Know that no one thinks about you more than you do, including what you think someone else is thinking about you…. (hmmmmm & hahahahaha)

TGIT – Thank God It’s Today! You have been blessed to wake up and take another breath. There’s a chance that what ailed you yesterday will ignore you today. There’s an even better chance that what brought you joy yesterday will duplicate itself and bring you more happiness than you anticipated. That’s also why you should try something new today.

And TGIT – Thank God It’s Tonight! You understand what it takes to get through each day. Fully enjoy the blessing of making it to another night which offers the opportunity to lie down peacefully and wake up to do it all again tomorrow. Even if you lie down with pain, you’ve got a testimony of your resiliency to endure what so many others may have surrendered to. Put the TGIT’s together and find yourself in a wonderful spirit that allows each of you to touch and share in one another’s joy. If you don’t do so until my next post, let this be a day of peace and harmony for you. Do not complain about anything or anyone. SMILE and watch the world light up around you. Whomever and whatever doesn’t light up, is not your concern. Remember – you’re not complaining today. Stop right now and smile at somebody. Hey, even if they think you’re crazy, at least they’ll leave you alone… and not give you anything to complain about today.

The Master of Listening

The Master of Listening
... and Smiling