Monday, June 20, 2011

How I Feel Affects Other People...

What’s Wrong With Hell?

How many of you have lost a loved one?
When I signal you, please call out their name.

How often have you said,
“[name], I know you’re up there looking down and smiling at me”?
How often have you said,
“[name], I know you’re down there looking up and smiling at me”?
Why not?
What’s wrong with Hell?

I’ve heard some of the best people receive their marching orders,
directions and sentences to Hell
It’s just got to be overcrowded with teachers, parents, coaches, referees,
co-workers & supervisors, tenants & landlords, you’s but never me’s.
Didn’t they hear us…
Or have we been so low as to wish in whispers?

It’s been the chosen gift of countless coaches and fans
(“Give ‘em Hell”)…
The question for character confirmation of countless concerned citizens
(“Who the Hell are you?”)…
Puzzled patrons (“How in Hell?”)… The lost & found (“Where the Hell?”)…
Yet no one wants to go there.

We know about as much about it as we do about Heaven
Though we can guess the GPA
(God’s Prayers Answered) requirement is lower
The population is considered to be on one accord.
You don’t have to watch your back or language.
Weather’s consistent… food & entertainment 24/7… in fact there are no days
And surely no dark nights.

And if there are days, Sunday is just 1 of 7…
No one’s got the Monday Blues…
‘Hump Day’ has a refreshing tone for Wednesday…
Friday gets thanks like each day that starts with a “T” (Today)
And Saturday is not necessarily the last day.

The dress code and political views are welcomed
Diversity isn’t a buzz word; it’s respected at both levels
That’s right, there are only 2 levels: In or Out!
The truth is that the landlord or creator of both places
is branded in their 1st two letters (H-E)
And H-E is actually all in favor of overcrowding while blessing individually

H-E welcomes and invites all to enter willingly,
and no application is rejected based upon education,
social status, race, sex, age, medical or sinful background.
H-E is more than willing to give you all you want.
In fact, H-E has given you all you need

H-E is the one whom everyone acknowledges
Even by professing their disbelief
H-E has been the answer to countless prayers
and provider of timeless testimonies
of mysterious qualities that have proven themselves to be nothing more than our occasional loss of faith or belief that time & place are now & here…
now & here…” two words that (when put together)
signal our journey’s end without the Lord’s grace: nowhere!

For H-E is the Sheppard of the lost & found
And no matter where you think you’re going
You won’t get there without his impact on your life
And what you should really know is that H-E doesn’t look down on you
H-E doesn’t look up to you
H-E looks out for you

Now, why in the H-E-L-L (His Exalting Light & Love)
Wouldn’t you want that?

© June 2009

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